13 Relationship Onions That Will Proof Everything You Know About Relationship Wrong

these will teach more than a month diploma in relationship

I have been online for a while now, and we all get to see different relationship advice and talks and videos flying over

However, these 15 onions are all it takes to master relationships and avoid any pitfalls whatsoever

  1. It ONLY takes 2 to be in a relationship


2. Policing each other is not healthy


3. Be in a relationship worth fighting for


4. Cheating is bad; in every form


5. It’s not about how long;


6. It’s ok if it does not last, just make sure you learn from it


7. Pay attention


8. It takes both sides to be working on it


9. Learn the art of communication via love language


10. Like a new baby, you have to learn & practice new habits


11. Sometimes, the person you think is best for you might not be


12. Communicate with understanding


13. Finally, it’s a relationship, not a situationship; your call!


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Written by bimberbuzz staff


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