25 ‘Jesus Flipped The Switch’ Moments That will Make You Tear up a bit

#JesusFlippedTheSwitch is a Twitter hashtag detailing moments before and after people received Jesus Christ into their lives

  1. From Twerking to a Youth Minister


2. From Thuggery to Preacher


3. Night club to Anointing


4. Fornicator to Reformed


5. Clubbing, weed to being helped by God


6. Drug dealing to receiving Mercy from God


7. No going back


8. I am saved


9. From being addicted to being saved


10. Bitterness to Betterness


11. Even homos; got saved


12. You too can be saved


13. Just allow Him


14. No matter how bad it is now, God can always use you


15. Partying to being Saved


16. From masturbation to being Saved


17. Transformation


18. Don’t be who you used to be


19. Even lukewarmness can be cured


20. God is good


21. Take God seriously


22. Who says you & your friends can’t turn a new leaf?


23. Obedience


24. Know Him for yourself


25. Only by His Grace


and many more

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Written by bimberbuzz staff


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