Allawee is now 33K, Here’s How to live Successfully on 19K & Effectively Serve Your Father Land in 12 Months – TAG

imagine saving 30k out of your allawee every month for 12 or even 10 months!

I heard some people in the previous set saying “if the government had given us 33k as allawee during our time, I would have done this, I would have been that…”

Anyways, here it is, your set is now receiving 33k and we expect you to be better because you have enough money, so to speak!

Let’s assume you are working in a private school that pays you, maybe, 7k monthly; imagine saving 30k out of your allawee every month for 12 or even 10 months! Believe me, with the opportunities out there to invest your money, you will never have to work for someone again.


A fellow elite has written a booklet titled “Hacking Your 12 Months of NYSC“; just 16 pages; on how to effectively manage your one year of service, in knowledge, money, and impact to the community where you are.

Excerpts from the book;

Just in case you don’t know,

12 months is enough for you to grow and build your business and career;

12 months is enough to enjoy and establish financial freedom;

12 months is enough to develop skills and acquire knowledge that would skyrocket you and place you where you should be amidst your mates and contemporaries;

12 months is sufficient to stretch and establish your strength and work on your weakness,

12 months is more than enough for you to build self-recognition and achieve the best,

12 months is enough to explore and enjoy the lushness of nature and appreciate again the good things of life!

Don’t waste your 12 months

The book is free to download.

Just Click Download

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