Crying Reduces Mental and Physical Stress. Never Feel Like You Have to Stop Yourself from Crying Due to Societal Expectations

A new study finds

I have the problem where I feel like I need to cry, I will feel in the verge of crying, and needing to, needing the release that crying can give, but then it just doesn’t come anymore because I grew up in an environment where crying is synonymous to being weak.

Nobody wants to appear weak

It’s not a nice feeling by any means.

Which is even more difficult holding back tears than just letting it run

While there can be an unnecessary stigma or social discrimination around crying, new research found that crying is actually really good for your health.

A study published on the NCBI.nlm.NIH found that crying facilitates coping and recovery skills during times of stress.


This means that the less you hold back your tears, the better you’re going to feel both physically and emotionally.

“Try to let go of outmoded, untrue, conceptions about crying. It is good to cry. It is healthy to cry. This helps to emotionally clear sadness and stress.”

Yep, crying actually calms you down. The University of Pennsylvania Penn School of Medicine noted on its website that, turning on the tears helps the body rid itself of toxins and hormones that contribute to elevated stress levels.

This, in turn, helps lower your blood pressure.

I’m saying this as much for myself as I am for you.

There is zero shame in crying. Crying is healthy.

Crying is a natural part of being human.

So if you’re feeling sad/angry/stressed, go have yourself a good cry.

It’s pretty much guaranteed to make you feel better


Why do we cry – and what can we learn from our tears? - The Guardian

February 18, 2020 - The Guardian

Why do we cry – and what can we learn from our tears?  The Guardian...

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