What makes you instantly dislike someone?

What makes you instantly dislike someone?

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  1. Personal hygiene. If I can smell you from across the room, or I have to squint my eyes when you pass me because of the smell, I automatically don’t want you to exist until you take a shower.

  2. Someone new pretending to be really smart. Shush, earn your respect and then be a smartass. Its not funny if I dont know you.

  3. When they invite me to be part of a MLM company (definitely not a pyramid scheme) that can make me a millionaire.

  4. As an introvert, I don’t do well with people that think they’re the only person that deserves attention. If I can hear you 80% more than anyone else in the room, you need to chill. These people aren’t so bad in 1 on 1 conversations, but Jesus wept are they not a nuisance in a group.

  5. Not agreeing to disagree. If someone is like, “WHAT????? HOW DO YOU NOT TAKE MYYYY OPINION”. So, when someone can’t stay civil in a disagreement.

  6. having a sense of humor that boils down to putting down people in an attempt to get other people to like them

  7. If they are okay with stealing.

    I’ve had friends that would take small things and justify it because “it’s just a dollar or two”. If it was just a dollar or two, they should have bought it.

  8. People who are so narcissistic that they won’t stop speaking. Dealing with them is more like a monologue (theirs) than a conversation.

  9. Being so stuck up one political parties ass that they can’t even hear an opposite debate or idea. Grow up.

  10. Lack of introspection and self awareness. Nothing is worse than people who dont care enough to ever look at themselves and ask why they are the way are.

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