What’s a harsh truth that humans refuse to accept?

What’s a harsh truth that humans refuse to accept?

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  1. Sometimes things just stop working, out of no fault of yours or theirs or anyone’s, but just because. Some people change, and some people don’t, and inevitably, some things between those changing and unchanging people will stop working.

    Edit: Thanks for the awards kind strangers

  2. The vast, vast majority of who you are and the circumstances you’re in are decided by factors outside your control.

    Edit: apparently I posted this in the right thread. If you can’t find the motivation to act unless you can believe you control the outcome, maybe that’s a problem with you and not with easily observable facts about the reality we share. Likewise, that you would be unable to feel and respond appropriately when you’ve fallen short or harmed someone else without the illusion of control is not a commentary on my lifestyle. Finally, just because something is outside your control doesn’t mean it’s within something else’s.

  3. Authority figures are put in place to keep bad people from doing bad things, but there’s nothing that assures the authority figure is good.

  4. That most of us aren’t really that special.

    I find that truth to be very sobering and comforting, but it seems many would disagree.

  5. That we’re not invincible. We got a lot of things going for us but man this year has taught me that humanity can break easier then we might think.

  6. Kindness is rarely reciprocated but be kind anyway.

    And never ever give up. The world is hard and cruel but keep doing what you have to, be smart about it but don’t let anyone deter you from being your best beautiful self.

  7. Unless you’re a famous historical figure, you will be completely forgotten within a few decades of your death.

  8. HR is not there to protect you, it is in place to protect the employer from you or from your actions.

  9. We’re all going to die. I know it’s true but I can’t imagine myself dieing and I don’t think most other people can eathier

  10. The illusion of control. There is no real control. Anything can go wrong at any moment. We can have safeguards and precautions, but ultimately, “control” is non-existent.

  11. There will always be people willing to exploit others if it means making money. And they’ll always find a way to do it.

  12. That there isn’t necessarily “someone for everyone.” Lots and lots of people are lonely and unloved

  13. That the universe has no inherent obligation to recognize, acknowledge, and set special conditions for you, your benefit, or anyone or anything that you care about.

    **Short version:** Life ain’t fair.

    The sad thing is that when you realize and truly internalize that “life ain’t fair,” life becomes a *whole damn lot easier*. Much of the pain in life is when it doesn’t meet our expectations. We didn’t get that pony, that job, that college, that boyfriend, that car because of (insert usually whiny reason). So we get all bent out of shape about it. Half the effort of fixing or mitigating the damage from the slings and arrows of outrageous fate is just getting over the outrage.

    That doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t work for what you believe is fair. It just means you don’t have to walk around all angry and/or sad because the world isn’t as you’d like it to be.

    Want to go to the next level? Then accept the most unjust thing the universe can throw at you. That while so, so many of the things you suffer from *are NOT in any way your fault*, the only way to fix them *is to assume responsibility for them as if they were your fault.* That is *most* unfair.

  14. You can be a good person your entire life, and still have a shitty life. This is probably the most depressing.

  15. We can hope that Karma is real in the greater scheme of things but, in my experience, waiting for people to “get what’s coming to them” is pointless. I’ve known shitty people that have taken shortcuts, cheated, etc. and they’ve made out just fine. I’ve also known people that have done everything right and behaved honorably and gotten absolutely screwed.

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