What’s the weirdest thing a complete stranger has told you?

What’s the weirdest thing a complete stranger has told you?

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  1. “You look like marilyn manson…. no wait Charles manson” I am a heavy white man with longish hair at the time of the comment. So I mean 2/3 was right I guess?

  2. An old man once stopped me while I was walking down a road and complimented my big forehead. Lol
    He then predicted my distant future, gave me 50 Rupees and walked away.
    I still haven’t processed the whole encounter and it has been 14 years.

  3. At a crosswalk, a woman tells me how she had to go to the Dr to get her blood drawn, then raised her sleeve to show me the huge bruises and pole marks all over her arm.

  4. A man at a bus stop told me that he was Michael the Archangel, and he saw a dragon while doing LSD at the Anti-Christ’s house.

  5. Their life story. I was dancing on a song that was playing in the grocery store and this 79 year old man walked up to me and started dancing with me and ended up telling me how he was able to dance and jump like this because he lived a healthy life without smoking and drinking BUT that he was going to get drunk AF at his 80th bday. not necessarily weird but so random. and wholesome.

  6. My friend’s apartment has a pool and hot tub. We were in the hot tub just the two of us late in the evening, until a young couple–girlfriend and boyfriend who had just recently moved in to the complex–came and joined us in the hot tub. We all introduced ourselves.

    It wasn’t two minutes after exchanging names that the young woman started to tell us about her rape experience in her previous relationship.

  7. I was walking around with a friend and randomly ranting, mostly for amusement sake. I said “God gave some people talent, some people wealth and some people beauty, but yet I got none of that”. This random old man in front of us, turns back and tells me ” But you did get the intellectual knowledge to contemplate on that fact and that is something” and then he just walked away. Left both of us speechless.

  8. I was a server and as I dropped off the check to one of my tables I said “have a great rest of your day” like I always do and the guy looks at me dead in the eye and says “you don’t give a shit about me” then leave me a 40% tip. Such a weird moment 😀

  9. ”I like your penis, it’s nice” , thank you stranger at the urinals

    Edit: there was a thread about guys not getting complimented often so they remember them years after. Well i still smile thinking about this one, being a grower and all. 10/10 would like to hear it again.

  10. Fella said he could guess my birthday by looking in my eyes. He was a day early, but I was born at 12:01 am. It’s been 12 years ago, but I think about that encounter every single day.

  11. When I was in college was wandering around a Walmart with my roommates at like midnight…cause we were bored. Walking past the spray paint aisle we like looked over and made eye contact with a dude who looked like Trevor Philips GTA 5 with more hair. Without us saying anything he goes “get the gold…it gets you the highest”.

  12. “I got a pig at home with human teeth.” Guy was drunk and after an uncomfortably long pause went on to explain that he just meant he has a pet pig and he thinks their teeth look a lot like human teeth.

  13. I was on my lunch break, sitting on a downtown park bench directly across the street from a church.

    A stranger sat down next to me, observing a dog that lifted his leg on a fire hydrant. The guy said, “That dog must be a Pissbyterian!”

  14. *”Do not disturb the rat in the hole”*

    I’ve shared this story before but one New Year’s Eve, a friend of mine and I were standing outside of a liquor store. Both of us were underage, but another friend of ours was 21, so he was buying the alcohol for the night. 

    I was smoking a cigarette and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man approaching. He looked homeless and I assumed he wanted a cigarette or some change. the first words out of his mouth were, “Happy New Year’s gentlemen, how you doing?” We both said we were good and commented about how nice it was. Although it was mid-winter, it wasn’t that cold that year in Chicago. 

    He laughed and said, “Yeah, me too. Y’all got any plans?” We told him we were going to meet up with some friends after our buddy came out of the store. He smiled and said, “Well, y’all be safe now. Me, I got myself a joint from the Mexicans at the car shop. I’m gonna go to my spot in the alley, smoke, put out my sign when I don’t want nobody around, *Do not disturb the rat in the hole*. Then they know, this is the condominium and leave me alone.” 

    My friend and I both looked at each other right after he said that. We were both writers and instantly recognized how beautifully weird what he had just said was. I asked if he wanted a cigarette, but he declined saying, “Nah, thanks.”

    Our friend came out of the store at that point and we told him we had to go. He shook our hands and the hand of our other friend and told us again to stay safe. As we were walking away, we heard him shout to us, “Happy New Year!”

    He never asked for change or a cigarette and even declined my offer to have one. He just genuinely wanted to talk to us, which is rare in Chicago. He didn’t want anything, but he did give me an anecdote and a phrase that has stuck with me for years; *Do not disturb the rat in the hole.*

  15. It was raining real hard one day, I was with a friend when a random lady walked by and said “such good weather for sucking dick”


    I like to believe she was very drunk

  16. Stopped by a friend and his fiance’s place and the fiancé’s sister was there for what was supposed to be an hour before going to see her parents but a tornado siren went off. (Oklahoma is fun).

    They were originally from Cali and she was scared and asked if I’d hold her and I had yet to talk to her at this point. So I did. And we ended up in a rather intimate way and stayed the night.

    This was my first and only one night stand, and honestly, I never knew her name.

  17. came up to me, said I was really pretty and ran off before I could reply.. maybe it was sincere, maybe she was dared to compliment whoever the ugliest person in the room was 🤷‍♀️

  18. Was at the hospital with a sprained ankle, and was gonna get an xray tk see if i was broken, there was this other dude waiting for an xray outside in a wheelchair like me, and he just started talking about his fantasies with the nurses, and how fit they look. Went into incredible detail actually….

  19. it’s not exactly weird but i’m ginger and i’m pretty sure that every ginger has had one random old lady come up to us to compliment our hair. it’s not a lot but it makes me feel special

  20. “Cute dog, oh and I’m married by the way”

    Felt like I walked into a conversation this woman was having in her own head.

  21. I was seated next to an older chap at the cinema, I had no idea who he was, but half way through the film he pulled out a sandwich bag and proffered it to me and asked if I’d like a fig roll. I declined. We had a bit of a chat afterwards and he was a really lovely gentleman 🙂 I hope he’s doing okay wherever he is now.

  22. “The spork is ‘the devil’s utensil’ because it is the amalgamation of the masculine fork and the feminine spoon and is trying to blur gender lines in society.”

  23. I was maybe 10 and at the grocery store with my mother on the bread aisle. Some guy maybe 60-70 years old looked at us and said there hasn’t been a big earthquake in a while. Later that night we had like a 7.0 or something. It was definitely weird.

  24. That she and her boyfriend had used a specific massage-oil-bar when having sex including anal, they had fallen asleep intertwined and then found said massage bar and thought it was a poo as it was chocolate colour.
    I was just seeking shelter from the rain and randomly looking at stuff in her shop…..

  25. 1. Driving down the road, and a car pulls up beside us and the driver motions for us to roll down the window and repeatedly yells: “Forty love with cheese sauce!”

    2. At the store with my husband. We both reach for an English cucumber at the same time, which somehow knocks two off and they hit me in the head. We are cracking up and holding the two cucumbers.
    (Keep in mind that English cucumbers are about 14 inches long.)
    A conservatively dressed woman, we think in her 60s, looks over and, in a smarmy tone, says: “I know what YOU two are laughing about.”

  26. At rockfest this hippie was telling me about how he did a bunch of acid in the mountains overlooking a forest and he said that one of the trees grew towards him and had a face on it and was talking to him for two hours and revealing to him all the secrets of life and the universe but he was too high to remember what it said.

  27. Alcoholic old man at the bus had brought his music player. Had so loud music. Suddenly he starts talking and to be polite I ask if he likes music. No he fucking hated music. Started talking briefly, and ended up telling me his wife had teeth in her vagina.

  28. Context: I was waiting for a bus in Anchorage, AK. I’m a very dark black guy, and people automatically assume that I’m not American. Some guy walks up to me and proceeds to ask.

    Guy: Where are you from?
    Me: Georgia?
    Me: No, I’m from Atlanta, Georgia.
    Guy:Oh! Sorry about that, I’m high on a lot of different drugs.

    He then decided to walk into traffic.

  29. Was seeing a movie and when someone had their head slashed by a hatchet or something the guy behind me yelled out “haaaam sandwich.”I still say it to this day.

  30. I went to sit down in a hospital waiting room and the other person in there screamed at me and said I couldn’t sit in that seat because there was a ghost of a dead man sitting there waiting for his son to finish his appointment

  31. Recently a stranger in a gas station said he was going to kill himself. I was just like umm, how about not do that? Here have some Funyons instead. So he agreed and had a better day. I hope he’s ok.

  32. That I had the perfect cheekbones to be a russian clown, then went into the history of ‘sad clowns’… all in broken english, while petting my face.

    I took it as a confusing compliment, before getting off at the next bus stop and walking to my destination. 😀

  33. “You might wonder why I gathered all of you here today.”

    I was in an elevator with a bunch of random people.

  34. I was approached by a homeless man in the subway who told me that “I had protection.” He claimed he could see it around me. I dismissed him as someone who smoked a little too much crazy in his lifetime. Well a few years later, I had a boss who was into the occult. One day she calls me into her office, tells me to come in and to close the door. She then whispers the same thing, but she wanted to know how I “got” it.

    I still get spooked thinking about it

  35. “A homeless guy pushed me and he said these things in this order.

    “Excuse me, I am homeless, I am gay, I have AIDS… I’m New In Town”

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