Would you die for your country? Why or why not?

Would you die for your country? Why or why not?

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  1. Hell no. Its a random assortment of strangers, a government I have no say in and a flag I don’t care about.

  2. If there was a real enemy threatening to invade and kill or enslave my loved ones then yes, but for oil? not happening

  3. No. Not inherently. Dying (and worse, killing) simply ‘for your country’ has been the anthem of leaders sending the young and terrified to die in battle for centuries.

    I would, however, die for the people I love, the places I choose to make my life in and the core ideals I consider most important for the benefit of mankind. At the very least, I’d go into battle for them. What I’d really be thinking just before I die is unknowable to me – maybe I’d regret it all. I dunno.

  4. That’s a strong no. No politicians are willing to work for the country. Losing my life for the war created by them is nothing but vain.

  5. Nah fuck that I’m good. If a foreign country was invading maybe I would die for my community but tbh I might also decide even that ain’t worth it and just learn mandarin

  6. Nope. I don’t care about serving and protecting arbitrary lines on a map. Most don’t, most who enlist only do it for the free college, adventure, etc. No one’s died protecting my country from an actual threat since WW2. All the deaths since then have been for absolutely nothing. Decades of men and women sent off to die for nothing. It’s infuriating, and no one cares. I respect those who give a shit and would sign up if there was an actual threat, and I pity those who have or do serve and actually think anything they did/do is protecting anyone they love. It’s all a game, paid for in blood. And everyone pretends it’s okay to just carry on like that. Not a game I’ll ever be playing.

  7. I would die for my friends and family. I wouldn’t die for my country, it doesn’t care for me individually. I just happen to live here

  8. If the president himself is gonna be with us in battle, in the front of everything. Then sure. Until that day, don’t expect anything from me boi.

    When did we move from the king riding in front of his army and showing he’ll put his life on the line for everyone in his kingdom so everyone else can see that honour in him and follow him into battle… when did we move from that, to the man sitting in his comfortable house and sending others to fight battles he started or escalated? No thanks, I won’t fight a cowards battles.

    If aliens take over, guess who’s gonna find peace and co-exist with them? Me. I ain’t fighting for a corrupt man.

  9. Defensively: probably. If you are defending home and family it makes sense

    Offensively: hell no. How many offensive wars in history were justified? I die trying to kill some other guy just defending his home so some aristocrat a thousand kilometers away can have his moment?

  10. only if the president and other able body officials are on the front lines with me

    (or against me if it’s a civil war)

  11. The way i see it, one’s life is the most valuable thing and nothing goes higher than than,not even honor,cause what is honor of you are not alive to experience it.
    So giving your most valuable asset for some square meters of land that you call “country” or for a disagreement in ideas and beliefs with other people, doesn’t sit well to me.

  12. If we were under threat then yeah. If we weren’t under threat and Boris was like, “let’s invade [insert Middle Eastern country]” then no.

  13. For Finland I would. My great grandfather died in the winterwar and is part of the reason I get to live here. I’d do it for my loved ones.

  14. Nah. The morons of my country insist on killing it from within. Fuck it.

    Maybe something better will rise from the ashes.

  15. I was in the Marines from 2000-2004 and I fought in Iraq.

    I’m not as eager to get in harm’s way with a couple more decades of experience under my belt, but I would gladly risk everything for the welfare of the people of this country. I just wouldn’t do so for the political or economic interests of a bunch of politicians.

  16. I love the United States because of our values and (most of) the people here. Many of our leaders do not share these values and love for our common people. Unless the things I value in our nation are truly and undeniably at stake, or an invasion force (or domestic rebellion) is at the door, I’m not putting my life on the line because someone tells me I have to, I’d do it because I feel it’s the only way forwards.

  17. I would die to defend my family.

    “My country” is nice and all, but I’d rather be alive with my family under a new regime than dead before parliament was usurped.

  18. I like to go by George Patton’s thinking:

    >”You don’t win wars by dying for your country. You win wars by making some other poor bastard die for his country.”

    I’m not for dying for anyone’s cause other than my own. But if I could really make a difference by dying for my country? I would.

  19. For the right cause I would. I wouldn’t die to invade another country. But I’d die in a heartbeat if my family and countrymen were at risk.

  20. I have two quotes by Bertrand Russell for you:

    “Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons.”

    “I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong.”

  21. Meh.
    I enlisted for the violance and mayhem.

    Ended up walking kids to their new school.

    Pulling security for free and open elections.

    Rolling into poor hard hit areas and passing out medicine food and water.

    I watched my corpsman cry after trying to save a small child who got hit with shrapnel from an RPG 7.

    We basically secured an entire city and brought commerce back.

    I watched my friends bleed for that city, for these people.

    Yknow we maybe made out to be blood thirsty trigger happy murderers, but to us… We really wanted to make a difference where we were. Perception is reality I guess.

    We won every battle, completed every task and mission… But still lost the war.

    But what does that matter? The blood I shed in the sand is my story, regardless of what influencers say, I know what i did, my boys know what we did, what we sacrificed, for people who arent even our country men.

    Would I die for my country? I’m not sure… But I was willing to die for theirs.

  22. I’m only here because an ancestor of mine deserted the German army to avoid WWI.

    I’m even less patriotic than he was.

  23. Scotland, yes.

    UK, no.

    Europe, probably.

    All this is assuming that there’s something worth dying for: that there are Russian tanks rolling across Poland, that sort of thing.

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